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Biggest Decision of My Life

In just short of two months I will be packing my things and moving to a different country.

As far as I can remember, I have always been someone with so many passions, being overwhelmed by the fact that life is too short and I won't have enough time to do or see everything.

After my life in the Army, I was on a search. A search for my purpose, a search for myself, a search where I felt at Home.

I have been beyond blessed with the amazing opportunities and experiences I have had in the last 7 years but I knew there was still something else. Somewhere grabbing my heart that I wasn't sure of until this past year - The Gift of Restlessness (Thank you Seth Barnes).

I went on The World Race ( in 2019 which changed my life but I still did not know what I was doing after, I was just ready to say YES for whatever the Lord had for me. I for sure thought that someplace, some ministry or organization would grab my heart and God would give me clarity of what to do next but that wasn't necessarily the case. It for sure shifted my vision for my life but nothing was 100% certain.

But know what He said for clarity?...

Kristen, right now go home and be still. Be intentional with the people around you and continue to abide in me.

I did not want this to be the answer but I was able to jump into this next season knowing that God would tell me what was next when the timing was right.

(Transitioning home was a bit rough but I continued to trust in the Lord and I made it through).

I knew I wanted to go back to Africa. I knew my heart was still there but where?

As I prayed over every country in Africa for God to show me where, this beautiful ministry popped up on my social media.

This time last year (February) I remember posting "My heart is exploding with love for a group of people I haven't even met yet" with the cutest little face. I knew I needed to be there! I knew it with all my being that this is where God was calling me.

After months of communicating, building relationships, processing and praying, I knew the next step was to just say Yes and plan my first visit.

Then it was waiting for the borders to open due to Covid and the right timing to get over there.

Finally December came and I was able to go to Uganda with God's Children Ministry.

What an amazing experience!

Here's a few pictures from the month...

And guess what? I truly felt at home. I have never felt more confident that this is what God has for me. That everything in my life led me to this point. This isn't the end but my search for trying to find "home" is over.

Now things won't always be easy, believe me (more on that later), but I am so exciting to embark on this journey and I have all my trust in the Lord. It's a Freeing feeling to just say YES with my arms wide open to whatever is to come.

"God doesn't call the equipped; He equips the called."

So yes, I have decided that Uganda is where I will be "moving"to in just a little over a month and God's Children Ministry is who I will be partnering with. I will post all about God's Children Ministry soon but you can check out their social media and website at the information provided at the end.

And I say "moving" because this is just the beginning of making Uganda my home. There are visas, government rules and all that jazz but this is where God is leading me and I know for sure that I am committing myself to this place, these people and whatever God has for me.

I truly could not do any of this without the Grace of God. I am beyond thankful He continues to equip me, guide me, give me strength, teach me, grow me and carry me all this way.

"When we embark on something he has called us to do, he takes us beyond ourselves." (Kingdom Journeys by Seth Barnes-Highly Recommend)

Thank you for reading :)

Love, Kristen

God's Children Ministry info:


peace_david_mubiru (most content is shared here)



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1 Comment

Seth Barnes
Seth Barnes
Mar 07, 2021

You're welcome, Kristen.

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