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Happy 31st Birthday Sweet Girl!

Happy 31st Birthday Sweet Girl!

A note to my younger self...

Wow what a life you have lived so far and your biggest adventure is yet to come

You will laugh a lot, cry lots of times and love hard. Boy do you Love Hard <3

You will have your heart broken and break many hearts

You will make the best memories with friends and family

Yes, you are a Wild One

Your best friends will become more like sisters

Your sisters will become your best friends

You will make amazing friends along all the paths you choose to take

You will feel lost but Girl, you find Jesus and Jesus changes your life

You will proudly serve in the Army and meet a man you plan to marry

You will experience one of the worst tragedies and life will be tough for a while

But you will be ok and experience the world in a whole new way

You will be surrounded by the most amazing support system

You will take years of trying to heal you heart while also finding yourself again

You will have many experiences and opportunities you could only dream of

You learn what it means to truly follow your heart and live out your passions

You will have MANY passions, but don't worry, you will try a little of each :)

You will continue to be free spirited and unafraid to say YES to adventure and new things

You will embrace who you are and won't be afraid to be yourself

You and Jesus become besties and your faith grows stronger

Your life will be changed when you say yes to an 11 month mission trip around the world

Until now, you have a feeling there is more and you feel your heart pulled somewhere else

Year 30 will be an interesting year

So much heartache, doubt, insecurities, stress and waiting

But so much more beautiful memories with the ones you love

God will show you the way and remind you of where your heart longs for

You will say yes to Africa and love, knowing this could change the whole trajectory of your future

I pray that 31 is your best year to come!

Continue to love hard and know how loved and worthy you are!

Hold your dear friends and family close and Jesus closer.

Be present and truly live in the moment!

I am proud of you and everything you have done and worked through!

Go unafraid and keep saying YES

You are a Warrior XOXO

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